Miami AC Repair: Reduce your FPL Bill and Avoid Potential AC Repair Costs

The heat of the summer is upon us. Here in South Florida we are feeling the effects of the heat more so than other parts of the US. The stress increases on ever reliant upon residential and commercial air conditioning systems during this time of year.
This stress has two major effects on these air conditioning systems.

  1. Increase costs to run these systems efficiently under these extreme conditions
  2. Potential for air conditioning system breakdown

Fortunately there are some very simple things a residential or commercial property owner can do to beat the heat. As well as help lower those potential costs and keep your air conditioning system running efficiently.

A few helpful hints to beat the heat:

  • An air conditioning unit set at 70°F can cost you double the amount to run as an air conditioning unit set at 78°F. Set your thermostat 2 degrees above its typical setting. You will still be comfortable and your FPL bill will thank you.
  • Set your thermostat to 80°F when you are going to leave the house for several hours and lower it again upon your return. DO NOT shut the air conditioner off. It’s not as efficient to cool the house back down than as it is to leave it set at a higher degree.
  • A ceiling fan uses about as much energy as a 100- watt bulb, but it can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler. Ceiling fans should be running whenever possible.
  • Reduce cooling costs by 30 percent: Keep windows closed and/or curtains drawn during the day
  • Turn heat generating appliances off: Lights, computers, and televisions all generate significant heat. Turn them off when they’re not in use.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Be sure change your AC filter at minimum of once a Month. Filters have the dual purpose of keeping the air you are breathing clean and keep dust particles off the air conditioner’s coil. FPL states that a clean coil can save you up to 20 percent a year on your FPL bill. Hint: clean filter + clean coil = money in you pocket.

All AC Systems have to drain excess water in order to function properly. Air conditioning systems drain this water via drain lines. Over a period of time these drain lines tend to get clogged. So it’s important to have these lines cleared at least twice a year.

Action Air Inc. offers preventative maintenance contracts to residential and commercial property owners in order to avoid potential issues that may arise and cause an air conditioning system to malfunction. Click here for more information on our preventative maintenance contracts.