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Opa Locka AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Opa Locka : Opa Locka air conditionings have been kept running at their optimal levels by Action Air Inc. for over 40 years. We offer Opa Locka residents and businesses $20 off any service call or $100 off new Opa Locka air conditioning installations. Action Air Inc. is considered a top Opa Locka air conditioning repair provider in South Florida. What makes Action Air Inc. special is our dedication to providing Opa Locka air conditioning repair service that is unparalleled in the industry. Action Air Inc.’s excellence starts at the top with owner Steve Shea. Steve’s industry know-how, honesty, dedication to customer service and most notably his friendly demeanor are all qualities instilled in Action Air Inc’s. mantra.

Air Conditioning for Opa Locka residents and businesses is no longer a luxury by an absolute necessity here in South Florida. Opa Locka Air Conditioners are required to maintain the internal temperature at an appropriate level not only for the inhabitants but the ones assets. For example, electronic equipment, indoor plants and leather furniture all require temperatures above certain levels to reach optimal life spans. We at Action Air Inc. have been air conditioning Opa Locka since as far back as 1967. If your Opa Locka air conditioning stops blowing cool at odd hours don’t hesitate to call Action Air Inc.’s 24 hour service department.

Action Air Inc. offers Opa Locka air conditioning repair maintenance programs to both residents and businesses to aid them by proactively servicing their unit to avoid potential breakdowns. Our programs are built to fit the needs of Opa Locka businesses and residents alike so call Action Air Inc.’s service department to set up your monthly air conditioning maintenance program today. Action Air Inc. does a thorough analysis of each and every Opa Locka air conditioning it diagnosis in order to determine the proper course of action. Action Air Inc. has never and will never recommend the replace of a Opa Locka air conditioning that if mended properly is the best route for the customer to follow.

Opa Locka Air Conditioning Repair Assurance:

  • 24 hour Opa Locka Air Conditioning Repair service.
  • Air Conditioning Repair Opa Locka with 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • All our technicians are NATE certified Air Conditioning professionals
  • Since there are so many brands of air conditioners our technicians carry a wide variety of parts for all major brands.
  • Action Air Inc’s employees is respectful, clean and always respect the cleanliness your resident or commercial property.
  • We promise that your Air conditioning system will be thoroughly inspected to determine the issue

Action Air Inc Dispatch Address

Action Air Inc., Air Conditioning Repair Opa Locka

Address: 1581 West 49th Street, #92

Opa Locka, FL 33012

Phone Number: (305) 621-2805


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